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Why I do Swagbucks and how to make it work for you…

How would you like to put get stuff for free. I am serious. Sounds too go to be true, we Swagbucks is amazing and very true. I decided I would like to turn more people on to them and the best way to do that is this put my winnings on my blog and my tips and trust me I am not pro at this.

What is Swagbucks?
It is a search engine similar to Google BUT you earn swagbucks!

What can I do with the swagbucks I earn?
Get all sorts of stuff, but my personal favorite is the $5 amazon gift cards. But you can get many other gift cards, clothing, movies, music, stuff for the kids. But from what I see the $5 amazon gift card is the best way to go.

Ok so now I am interested but still seems to good to be true and I probally would have to spend all year earning enough swagbucks for a $5 gift card.
WRONG! I joined in January 2010 and so far I have earned 18 $5 amazon gift cards, yep that is $90! I am not lying!!!

What have you done with your Amazon Gift Cards?
What have I received with my $90.  I have received $119.03 worth of stuff for $29.03 out of pocket (well actually $19.03 since I purchased a $20 gc for $10 from another site at one point). Here is what I have gotten!

I will be posting more over the next week about Swagbucks to explain how it works even more and how you can quickly earn swagbucks with out a lot of time and energy and going out of your way.