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Menu Monday – 2/7/11

Well this is not the normal Menu Monday. I honestly am not sure what I want to make this week. But we decided instead of traditional grocery shopping that we would do a trip to BB’s (discount grocery store in Morgantown PA) and stock up again. We where hoping to stock up on can goods, but the selection wasn’t there so we got other stuff and I am happy with our purchase. If you click on the picture it will enlarge.

We spent $49.94 above and below is what we got and what we paid. Sadly we somehow lost a bag before we even got to the car. We think we left it at the register and well the next guy got it. It included at least $3.29 worth of items (at least 2 items that I can remember). So all the items in the above picture should only be $46.65 or less if we are missing more than I can remember. It averages $0.73/each (I used the $49.94 and the 69 items we brought home. So technically it was better. Since I can’t remember what I am missing for sure I went with the price I paid and what I brought home.)

Top Picture
Stove Top (8 bx) – 4 for $1.00
Scalloped & Julienne Potatoes (7 bx) – 3 @ $0.70/each and 4 @ 2 for $1.00
Instant Potatoes (4 bx) – 2 @ $0.70/each and 2 @ $1.00/each
Popsecert Popcorn (2 bx) – 2 for $1.00
Ronzoni Rotini Healthy Harvest Whole Grain (1 bx) – $0.60
Barilla Whole Grain Rotini (1 bx) – $0.60
Saltines (1 bx) – $0.69
Cheese It Whole Grain Crackers (1 bx) – $1.49
Cheese It White Cheddar Crackers (1 bx) – $0.50
Zatarins Crab Cake Mix (1 bx) – $0.50
Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars (1 bx) – $0.99
Crystal Light Skin Essentials Drink Mix (3 bx) – 2 for $1.00
Lunch Crackers Peanut Butter (1 bx) – $0.99
Lunch Crackers Cheddar Cheese (1 bx) – $1.19

Lower picture
Minute Main Lemonade Juice Box (1 pk) – $1.49
HK Anderson Pretzel Snack Bags ( 3 ea) – $1.49/each
Brickles (like Doritos) (3 bgs) – $1.49/each
Butter Puffin Corn (1 bag) – 2 for $1.00
Grated Parm. Cheese (1 each) – $1.49
Apple Juice (1 bottle) – $0.75
Canned Peaches (4 cans) – $0.59/each
Canned Gravy (10.25 oz each) (4 cans) – 2 for $1.00
Jar Gravy (2 jars) – $0.79/each
Canned Gravy (14 oz) (2 cans) – $0.70/each
Maxwell International Coffee (2) – $0.99/each & $0.50/each
DelMonte Spaghetti Sauce (4 cans) – $0.99/each (i use when I make homemade sauce)
Whole Tomatoes (28 oz cans) (4 cans) – $0.60/each
Tomato Puree (28 oz can) (2 cans) – $0.60/each
Crushed Tomatoes (29 oz can) (2 cans) – $0.60/each

90-95% of the above is good until at least June 2011, but most is good until 2012.

We love BB’s. I can’t wait until Mike finishes my basement shelves and our plan is to then stock up of more stuff, like can goods. Our goal is to never have to shop for just the weeks menu and to always have stuff on hand to make. It might require creativity but we can do it. And we also want to be able to pass the savings along to others once we are stocked up and they are in need of some groceries. Once we get the shelves done then he needs to work on getting my freezer in my basement somehow or we need to find an inexpensive one that we can buy and then sell ours. I want to start putting our grocery savings into purchasing our meats and being prepared that way as well. And I want to be able to make recipes and freeze them. I love to put food in my freezer and the plan this year is a big garden and to put a bunch up. Now that I have a bit more time to tend a garden and to put food together I hope to have a nice full freezer and pantry to feed my family from.


Why I do Swagbucks and how to make it work for you…

How would you like to put get stuff for free. I am serious. Sounds too go to be true, we Swagbucks is amazing and very true. I decided I would like to turn more people on to them and the best way to do that is this put my winnings on my blog and my tips and trust me I am not pro at this.

What is Swagbucks?
It is a search engine similar to Google BUT you earn swagbucks!

What can I do with the swagbucks I earn?
Get all sorts of stuff, but my personal favorite is the $5 amazon gift cards. But you can get many other gift cards, clothing, movies, music, stuff for the kids. But from what I see the $5 amazon gift card is the best way to go.

Ok so now I am interested but still seems to good to be true and I probally would have to spend all year earning enough swagbucks for a $5 gift card.
WRONG! I joined in January 2010 and so far I have earned 18 $5 amazon gift cards, yep that is $90! I am not lying!!!

What have you done with your Amazon Gift Cards?
What have I received with my $90.  I have received $119.03 worth of stuff for $29.03 out of pocket (well actually $19.03 since I purchased a $20 gc for $10 from another site at one point). Here is what I have gotten!

I will be posting more over the next week about Swagbucks to explain how it works even more and how you can quickly earn swagbucks with out a lot of time and energy and going out of your way.

Take It Off Thursday – 2/3/11

I have been struggling with trying to get back on track for months now and the last couple of weeks I believe God has shown me the way back to the track. I have way too much weight to lose to be happy. I do not have an unrealistic goal in mind. I am not ignoring or changing my plan from my Take It Off Thursday – 1/6/11 post. I am just adding one more thing to it.

3D Your Whole Life

In 2009 about this time of year I joined a group at my church that was doing a bible study weight loss program. This program is called The 3D Plan. I was pretty successful. I had a goal of 15 pounds and well I lost 12 of them in 12 weeks. Since it is the healthiest to lose weight 1-2 pounds a week I see this as a great accomplishment.

My goal is to lose 45 pounds by 12/31/11. I can do this if I take every 12 weeks, 12 weeks at a time and do not let the 45 pounds scare me. This means I need to lose an average of 11.25 pounds every 12 weeks. I feel this is more than do-able since it really is about 1 pound a week.

What does this book offer, it causes you to deal why you eat, how you eat and changes your perspective on what Diet means. Here is an exert from the book: The word diet does not actually mean losing weight. Diet means eating habits – what you eat. What is your diet? Think about this word in a new way as you delve into this 3D plan for the next twelve weeks. by the end of this program you will have a new understanding of the word diet. And it won’t be such a negative force in your life.

The 3D plan is for your whole life, it tackles Eating Right, Living Well and Loving God. In a short 12 week study of this book I hope to fall into the same pattern I was in 2009 but this time I need to make it stick. Less junk, more fruit, more vegetable, more whole grains and more activity in my life. The best part is I get to do all this with God and I know God will do amazing things in my life.

I will beginning this book today. Thursdays will be my weigh in day. Next week I will beginning a standard form of posting my end of week status. I can’t wait to see how this goes.

Wise Words Wednesday – 2/2/11

Today’s Wise Words Wednesday is going to be an Old School song from DC Talk. It is called Luv is a Verb. I have been so saddened to see a lot of relationships fail because they can’t remember love is an action.

Pullin’ out my big black book
Cause when I need a word defined that’s where I look
So I move to the L’s quick, fast, in a hurry
Threw on my specs, thought my vision was blurry
I looked again but to my dismay
It was black and white with no room for grey
Ya see, a big “V” stood beyond my word
And yo that’s when it hit me, that luv is a verb

(chorus 1)
Words come easy but don’t mean much
When the words they’re sayin’ we can’t put trust in
We’re talkin’ ’bout love in a different light
And if we all learn to love it would be just right

(chorus 2)
Hey, tell me haven’t ya heard?
Luv, is a serious word
Hey, I think it’s time ya learned
I don’t care what they say
I don’t care care what ya heard
The word luv, luv is a verb

Down with the dc Talk, d- d- down with the dc Talk
Are you down with the dc Talk, d- d- down with the dc Talk

Thinkin’ of a way to explain-o
Cause ya’ know when I’m flowin’ like a bottle of Drain-o
Simple and plain, L-O-V-E
Ain’t all that junk that ya see on TV
Put soaps on a rope cause they ain’t worth copin’ with
It’s a myth that there ain’t no hope and
Luv is enough if it’s unconditionally
Givin’ now you’re living out the Great Commission

(repeat choruses 1 and 2)

Back in the day there was a man
Who stepped out of Heaven and he walked the land
He delivered to the people an eternal choice
With a heart full of luv and the truth in His voice
Gave up His life so that we may live
How much more luv could the Son of God give?
Here is the example that we oughtta be matchin’
Cause luv is a word that requires some action

(repeat chorus 1)

(repeat chorus 2 x4)

Menu Monday – 1/31/11

I am well aware today is Tuesday.  Monday was a bit crazy with accomplishing my housework and I honestly did not have a clue what to make, but late last night I realized i had a nice amount on the menu from last week we did not eat.  My job has been made easy then.  I just need to pick up a few groceries.

I have no special order to when we are having the meals, but these are the meals I plan on making this week. Any of the below that are not made this week will be added to next weeks menu.

  • Sloppy Joes with Scalloped Potatoes
  • Cream of Broccoli Soup with Italian bread and salad
  • Philly Cheese-steak Macaroni and Cheese with salad
  • Impossibly Easy Taco Pie
  • Pork Loin Roast with mashed potatoes, carrots and salad

If you want any of the recipes for above please, let me know and I will be more than glad to share.

***Note:  the Impossibly Easy Taco Pie was YUM-O!!!!  Totally on the make again list!  Thank you Kellene for the idea!  Check out her blog ‘Food to Make Your Mouth Water’ for more Yum-O recipes! </font>

Snow day at Grammy’s – 1/29/11

We visited my parents on Saturday 1/29 and the kids had a blast in their 2 feet of snow.

From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010
From Winter 2010

Spiritual Sunday – 1/30/11

Wow church was amazing again. I can’t say enough to explain how thankful we have found Faith Church. As I mentioned last week we started a series called A Radical Life Rooted in God’s Love. Last week we heard about “Radical Gratitude” this week it was “Ever Believer is a Minister”. It really hit home there is so many times we can minister to people by just being truly grateful for things in your life, even when you are not grateful for the situation or the problem in your life. This really spoke to me since lately both Mike and I have situations where we haven’t been very grateful. Well we decided to change our attitude about those things. We can minister to others and show that no mater what there is good even when the situation is not.

Here are a few scriptures that remind us of that.

“Do everything without complaining or arguing. You will become blameless and pure. It’ll show you’re a child of God without fault. He says you’ll be faultless if you do that. In a crooked and depraved generation that is cynical and sarcastic and critical, in which you shine like stars in the universe.” – Philippians 2:14-15

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” – Ephesians 4:29

“Even though the fig trees have no fruit and no grapes are growing on the vine, and even through the olive crop failed and even though the fields produce no grain, and even though the sheep are all dying and the cattle stalls are empty even though all of this is happening I will still, I will still, I will still be joyful and glad.” – Habakkuk 3:17-18

I can only hope that I can that joyful and glad everyday no matter the situation. Please remember life is so much better to think of it half full no matter if you like the situation you are in.