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Take It Off Thursday – 2/3/11

I have been struggling with trying to get back on track for months now and the last couple of weeks I believe God has shown me the way back to the track. I have way too much weight to lose to be happy. I do not have an unrealistic goal in mind. I am not ignoring or changing my plan from my Take It Off Thursday – 1/6/11 post. I am just adding one more thing to it.

3D Your Whole Life

In 2009 about this time of year I joined a group at my church that was doing a bible study weight loss program. This program is called The 3D Plan. I was pretty successful. I had a goal of 15 pounds and well I lost 12 of them in 12 weeks. Since it is the healthiest to lose weight 1-2 pounds a week I see this as a great accomplishment.

My goal is to lose 45 pounds by 12/31/11. I can do this if I take every 12 weeks, 12 weeks at a time and do not let the 45 pounds scare me. This means I need to lose an average of 11.25 pounds every 12 weeks. I feel this is more than do-able since it really is about 1 pound a week.

What does this book offer, it causes you to deal why you eat, how you eat and changes your perspective on what Diet means. Here is an exert from the book: The word diet does not actually mean losing weight. Diet means eating habits – what you eat. What is your diet? Think about this word in a new way as you delve into this 3D plan for the next twelve weeks. by the end of this program you will have a new understanding of the word diet. And it won’t be such a negative force in your life.

The 3D plan is for your whole life, it tackles Eating Right, Living Well and Loving God. In a short 12 week study of this book I hope to fall into the same pattern I was in 2009 but this time I need to make it stick. Less junk, more fruit, more vegetable, more whole grains and more activity in my life. The best part is I get to do all this with God and I know God will do amazing things in my life.

I will beginning this book today. Thursdays will be my weigh in day. Next week I will beginning a standard form of posting my end of week status. I can’t wait to see how this goes.


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