The everyday or almost everyday babblings of a Mama that lives along a Brook

This fall I won’t be a virgin any more…

tattoo virgin, that is!!!!  Come on, I have two kiddos already and have plenty of witnesses that know I was seriously pregnant and gave birth to them myself, not to mention Mike and I are about to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary this October.

I have always wanted a tattoo, but never was brave enough or knew what I wanted.  When I married Mike I figured the Tattoo was out of the question since he didn’t really care for them.  I would have never been told no way you are not allowed to get one, I was just a I would prefer if you didn’t.  Well not only did he surprise with with a almost surprise birthday the BIG 30, my gift was you are welcome to get a tattoo.  The only requirement was to wait until our money was a little bit better.  Well I knew that wouldn’t be long with the upcoming major change.  So I have been doing a lot of thinking about what would I get.  Today was the day that this amazing idea came to me and I found the perfect picture.  I was hoping for something to incorporate my children’s names and birth dates in but yet feminine, well after no luck finding stuff that I loved, I gave up on that.  I decided if it will be permanent I want it to be something I love.  I did know I wanted flowers but nothing traditional like a rose.  I immediatly thought of an Orchid.  So after looking up the meaning this is what I found on Proflowers :

Orchids can impart a wide variety of messages, but historically the meanings of orchids have included wealth, love, and beauty. To the ancient Greeks, orchids suggested virility, and after the rise in popularity of orchid collections in Victorian England, the meaning of orchids moved towards being symbolic of luxury. Orchids have also been believed to carry various healing and protective properties, allowing them to ward off disease. The Aztecs were said to drink a mixture of the vanilla orchid and chocolate to give them power and strength, and the Chinese believe orchids can help cure lung illnesses and coughs. Today, the meanings of orchids are generally regarded as a symbolic of rare and delicate beauty.

I thought this is perfect.  So the search began and it ended pretty quickly with the below picture, then it was to decide placement.  With help from a very close friend it was decided the outside ankle would be best, not sure if left or right is better or if that even matters.  I plan this fall to get my first tattoo!  I am so excited.  Once all in the house sleeping, except the mama (unless I decide getting up early is better to think, lol), I plan to compile our new budget and this will determine if the tattoo will happen in September or October.


2 responses

  1. Aliah Ammon

    YAY!!!! I brought you to the darkside!!! I am so excited for you to get one. And trust me, one is never enought!!! ;p

    August 17, 2010 at 9:01 pm

  2. LOL! I have to laugh at that, but you are so right, you are my downfall. Mike keeps saying he wishes you guys lived closer. You living “99.5” miles away now and look what you do to me. Can you imagine what you would do if you lived next store or at least in the same town or county!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    August 18, 2010 at 1:57 pm

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