The everyday or almost everyday babblings of a Mama that lives along a Brook

What kind of face are you putting on today…

After waking at 7:30 am, showering and actually remembering to take laundry downstairs with me to do, I have accomplished my required routine for the day.  WOO HOO!

My morning started out with officially drinking a half of a pot of coffee (through our the morning, not all at once), taking my vitamins, feeding the dogs (and taking them out) and doing the dishes.  I checked email and Facebook.  Then it was breakfast time.  While enjoying my cream of wheat I was able to sit and enjoy Good Morning America, which is something I don’t get to do often.  Usually breakfast is accompanied with cartoons.  It was great getting some mommy TV time.  Next thing I know is Ms. Alaina appears, she is in a great mood and all and before you know it Mr. Thom is calling me saying ‘Mommy I Awake!’   So cuddle time began and so did mommy slowly drifting off to the ZZZZZ land (at this point I only had about 1/4 pot of coffee in my system) to only be awoken to ‘Mom can you put on cartoons’ from Alaina.  Right then and there I had to decide what kind of face was  going to put on.  I knew that I currently did not have the correct face.  So it was time to change it up.  I made the kids breakfast, folded laundry (along with having one more load in the washer and dryer, so that is 3 loads total already) and the kids dressed, it was time for mommy to get her behind in gear.

First on the list was to turn the TV off.  Once that was accomplished the kiddos dug out the Mr. Potato Heads, I thought how appropriate.  If you don’t like his face you just change it.  While they played, I finished cutting out my coupons.  They are not organized and  I will work on that later this week, they are at least cut out.  We had lunch and then it was NAP TIME.  It was workout time, which I completed with out complaints.

I also have supper in the fridge ready to go for when Mike gets home.  I just need to cook the ribs, which are marinated in Zesty Italian Dressing, make the string beans (from our garden) and some potatoes.

I am hoping for a wonderful peaceful evening with the family.  Then tomorrow I will be at work again.  So that means my routine will not happen tomorrow, so wish me luck that on Wednesday I can get back on track.


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